Pork & Beef

Grass Fed Beef & Pasture Raised Pork

We raise all of our animals outdoors in the most humane way possible. Our beef cattle are completely grass fed on 60 acres of pasture. We rotationally graze them, which means each paddock is eaten, fertilized, and then rested without being over grazed. During the winter time, we keep a smaller herd that is fed on organic hay.

Our hogs are raised from start to finish here on the farm. We have heritage breed sows and a boar. After birth, the piglets are left with their mother so they can nurse for an extended period of time. During the summer, they graze pasture like the cows. We also move them through patches of cover crops, which they eat and till up to help the soil. They are supplemented with organic feed of corn, oats, soy, and minerals that we mix here on the farm.

If you are interested in purchasing our pork or beef, please contact us. Halves and quarters are available in limited quantities throughout the year, and we also offer a full variety of cuts sold directly from the farm, at the Downtown Marquette Farmers Market, or by special order. The Marquette Food Co-op sells a selection of our pork.