Soil & Livestock Nutrition

Soil & Livestock Nutrition

Soil Nutrition

Alfalfa Meal– A good alternative to blood meal for a source of nitrogen, balaced with phosphorus and potassium. An excellent soil conditioner that encourages microbial activity. 2.5-3% Nitrogen. Use 2-3# per 100 sq.ft.
Feed-N-Grow 4-2-4-An organic multipurpose plant food. Readily available nutrients for vigorous seedlings with time release nutrients to feed the crop throughout the season. Contains feather meal, composted chicken manure, greensand, bone meal, peanut meal, Chilean nitrate, sulphate of potash, and gypsum.
3-4-7 Super K – FertrellHigh Potassium Mix. A good fit for many UP soils.
Berry Mix – This blended plant food helps berries grow bigger, juicier and more flavorful. Berry Mix works in most soil types and is best when applied at the end of the season. Typical analysis: 4-2-4.
Worm Castings-A balanced soil amendment. Can be added to houseplants, potting mix, and gardens for a rich mix of micronutrients, microbial organisms and organic matter. Contains Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, plus calcium and magnesium.
Phostrell– 0-6-0 Good for soils low in calcium and phosphorus. Derived from calcium carbonate, and bone char. This will benefit most soils in the UP.
Rock Phosphate –.This high-carbon rock phosphate is a great source of phosphorous, calcium and essential trace elements. It also has about one-fifth of lime’s neutralizing power. Because it releases best at a low pH,Fertrell Rock Phosphate should be applied before liming.
Kelp Meal-Good for soil as well as animals. Dried and ground kelp contains trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Use 1-2#/100 sq.ft.
Blood Meal-An organic nitrogen source that is quickly released into the soil. Use 3-5# per 100 sq.ft. Can help repel deer.
Bone Meal-An organic readily available source of phosphorus and calcium. Use 1-2# per 100 sq.ft.
Feather Meal–13-0-0 A good source of slow release nitrogen.
Humates-Significantly improves poor soils. 65% humic acid in a carbon matrix helps make minerals and nutrients available to soil organisms and plants. Extensive tests show marked crop improvement when humates are applied. Use 5# per 100 sq.ft.
Sul-Po-Mag-(0-0-12, 11%Mg,17%S) -Langbeinite is a marine deposit with soluble potassium sulfate and magnesium sulfate. Use 1# per 100 sq.ft. Good for alliums and potatoes.

Pest Control

Diatomaceous Earth-Use to control soft bodied pests like cutworm, cabbage looper, and larval potato beetles. Use as a dust on plants. Must be reapplied after a rain.

Livestock and Animal Nutrition

Kelp-We use kelp in all our feed rations. Contains a broad range of bio-available minerals and other essential nutrients. Can be blended or top dressed in all feed rations, or offered free choice.
Poultry Nutribalancer-12-14% Ca, 10%P, and 10-12%NaCl with necessary trace minerals. Mix 60lb per ton with corn, oats, and soy for a complete feed ration.
Azomite-A to Z of Minerals Including Trace Elements. A unique volcanic deposit that contains 67 major and trace elements. Feed Grade.
Alfalfa Meal-We add this to our winter poultry ration for a source of green food.
Fish Meal-Add this to broiler, turkey, and swine rations for additional protein. 60% protein and essential amino acids.
Sheep Nutribalancer-A nutritionally complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Use free choice or as a ration premix.
Swine Grower-A nutritionally complete vitamin and mineral supplement. Use 60# per ton of feed for a complete ration. Maximizes weight gain and feed efficiency.
Grazier’s Mix-Blend of kelp meal, soft rock phosphate, trace mineral salt, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Diatomaceous Earth. Contains no added copper and is not harmful to sheep. We offer this free choice to our grazing animals.
Redmond Conditioner – This trace mineral colloidal silicate contains nearly 50 mineral compounds. Feed it free choice, as a top dressing or in a mixed ration to beef and dairy cattle, horses, hogs, sheep and poultry.
Redmond Trace Mineral Salt – Pure rock salt. Contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc, copper, iodine, iron, phosphorus, and manganese. All essential to proper growth of your livestock. Granular product we offer free choice.